Remembering My Friend Sahara It was the last day of my medical career.  I was leaving to become a full time pastor.  A couple of years earlier, I became the founding pastor of a church, and working at an urgent care clinic supplemented my pastoral income.  It was late in the day when I […]

National Day of Prayer

In 1952 Congress established a National Day of Prayer “to be held on the first Tuesday of May for the purpose of allowing citizens to turn to God in churches, in groups, and as individuals.”  Early this morning, I was honored to take part in my city’s public prayer breakfast that was organized by our […]

Why Jesus Was Born

Many families will sit down together and read the Christmas story from the Bible this year. Chances are you’ve heard the story several times, and you probably know much of it by heart. While we’re good at remembering the “what,” the “why” might be a little fuzzy. How long has it been since you’ve stopped […]

Swag Bag or Surrender Terms?

Have you ever attended an event that gave out Swag Bags?  In case you aren’t familiar with the term, Swag Bags are goodie bags that contain free prizes or gifts for the participants.  Golfers often receive little bags of golf balls and tees when they play in a tournament.  Perhaps the most famous Swag Bags […]

Wrong Impressions About God

One of the funniest TV shows on these days is “Little Big Shots,” which features kids showing off their amazing skills.  But that isn’t my favorite part.  I enjoy listening to them talk.  Kids have a particular view of life that can be so funny. Kids have a particular view of God, too.  Here’s how […]