Tell me if  this has ever happened to you.  You get out your Bible, your journal, and a cup of coffee, anticipating a deep and meaningful time with God.  You find your chosen place to read, quiet your mind, and begin.  The verses move past, but nothing earth-shattering jumps out.  You re-read what you just read.  Still nothing meaningful.

“OK God,” you think, “I’m finished reading now.  I’ve even read everything twice.  Time for you to speak to me… One, two, three go…” And still nothing.

This is where I am as I write this.  My Bible and journal are open beside my computer.  I’ve been at this for almost 30 minutes.  My journal page is empty, and I haven’t heard a word from God.  Is He mad at me?  Is this some kind of test?  Am I missing something?

Well, let’s go through the checklist.  Have I done something that would prevent me from hearing from God?  Not that I know of.  Have I rushed through my reading or praying?  Maybe, but I tried not to.  Is God making some kind of point?  I honestly don’t know the answer to that one.  All I know is I tried to listen and He didn’t say anything.

As I have gotten to know God better, I’ve learned that every day doesn’t bring a life-changing revelation.  Come to think about it, God has never seemed to be a conversationalist.  He speaks when He has something to say.  When He speaks, it’s important and memorable.  But sometimes, He doesn’t speak.

I can’t explain why God sometimes chooses not to speak.  But I know this: although God doesn’t speak to me every day, He hears me every day.  I might not have heard something definitive from Him, but He has heard everything I’ve said or thought, and there isn’t a single detail of my life or my circumstances that have escaped His attention.

If you’ve taken the time to read, pray, and listen to God but haven’t heard anything, don’t worry or don’t get discouraged.  He’s right there.  He see you, He hears you, and He’s on the job.  You haven’t wasted your time.

10 thoughts on “Crickets”

  1. Waiting is the hardest, but I feel that’s when God is trying to teach me patience. That’s a quality I really need to develop!!


  2. It is disappointing when God’s word seems flat on the page. But if the Lord is a bit distant, perhaps He’s waiting for us to draw nearer. I believe waiting on Him is a kind of worship. (which I need to do)
    God bless you brother.


  3. Hey George that is a thought provoking question & I had to go for a walk to think about it. I’m sure all Of God’s children desire to audibly hear God’s voice , I never have. I think for me it’s simply reading His Word & seeing a verse I’ve read many times and I see something new in that verse as the Holy Spirit reveals it to me. They are 3 in one so I take that as God’s voice. I also love when I pray about a specific need & as it transpires He says I told you so, not audibly but a peace surrounds & you know you made the right choice.
    Love ya brother


  4. “Come to think of it, God never seems to be much of a conversations”. Those are very wise words. When we give the impression that God constantly speaks, it causes others to feel spiritually inferior. Good word my friend


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