The Value of Human Life

It’s been a long time since I was in college, and I admit that most of the details of what I learned have long since been forgotten.  But for some reason, there is a statement that my Philosophy professor made that I still remember.  He said, “A reasonable measure of the health of a civilization is their regard for their young and infirmed.”  If our American society is judged using that standard, we are not merely unhealthy.  We are dead.

The recent video revelations about the behind the scenes dealings of Planned Parenthood are a haunting testimony to who we have become as a nation and as a people.  Over cocktails and lunch, calloused officials discuss the procurement and sale of what used to be the most valuable entity in existence- human life.

It’s not as if nothing upsets us any more,  because there is still plenty of offensive world events that have whipped up our anger.  This week, African animals were killed by hunters, and outrage came from everywhere.  Where is the corresponding outrage to the news that millions of human children are killed each year, and their body parts sold for profit?  What kind of civilization values animals over their own children?

The proponents of the practice of abortion refuse to acknowledge this issue as a moral one.  Instead, they hide behind politics and law, as if being legal is equivalent to being right.  As long as nothing illegal takes place, then no harm and no foul.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.  The moral element to killing children cannot be escaped or assuaged by legislation.  Women who have chosen abortion never forget.  They carry guilt and sadness that doesn’t go away.

I remember the day both my children were born.  As I held them in my arms and marveled at the miracle that they were, I wept at their innocence, their sweetness, and their helplessness.  And as I remember that day, I wonder what has become of us.  How have we devolved into a nation and a people who have lost the sense of value of our children?

I would like to think that the new revelation of the details of what’s going on will ignite a fire of indignity that will lead to change.  There are pockets of people who share my outrage that are writing, tweeting, and posting articles on social media.  But I’m afraid that for most people, it just isn’t that big of an issue.  Our Senate just decided against cutting off the funding for Planned Parenthood.

I used to wonder what our world would be like when we’ve reached the point of no return.  Now I think I know…

I would like to pose a question to my readers who share my sorrow on this issue: What will it take to change this evil in our country?  I’d love to hear what you think.

7 thoughts on “The Value of Human Life”

  1. What will it take to change this evil in our country?…I think Christ’s return! I pray for much repentance. The time is getting short, that I am sure.
    Blessings George. Great article.


  2. My heart weeps for a nation so far away from God that it murders the innocent and then sells their remains :(. Thanks for keeping this before our church!


  3. Use, Recycle, Dispose: of life, relationships, traditions, faith, values, and history. Roe vs.Wade was a turning point in our country. The 60’s and the 70’s were filled with free love, women’s lib., drugs, God is dead, if it feels good do it kind of thinking, situational ethics, and there are no longer moral absolutes. The only thing that can turn our country around is a turning of our hearts to God in repentance, restitution, and resolve to follow His laws. When we as the church begin to live our faith in the home, in the workplace, in the marketplace, and in the governing of our city, state, and country then God will hear our hearts’ cry and heal this broken country. I don’t believe there has ever been a country throughout history that has taken the lives of as many children as this country has through abortion. We should not be shocked when judgement comes upon us.


    1. I agree, Geri. I am praying that somehow we as a country will be so repulsed by the backroom practices of PP that there will be some kind of awakening. But in the end, only God can change hearts. Thank you for reading and commenting.


      1. There is so much evil in the world and our government, it will take a miracle to turn it around. I am just so glad to know that whatever happens our God is still in control. Which to me means it won’t be long before he comes back so everyone better get ready.


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