Watch me, Papa!

My granddaughter is taking swim lessons this week at the community pool.  Swimming is a big deal around here.  She’s almost 6, and there’s no way anybody can live in Florida and not be a swimmer.

Today was my day to take her.  I was informed that the swim teacher preferred the adults to sit in an area away from the action so that our presence wouldn’t distract from the teaching.  It was time for the lesson to begin, so she went to the pool and I went off to my appointed place.

It was horrible.  I couldn’t see a thing except the top of her head when she sat on the side of the pool.  She had learned so much- in fact she was swimming by herself in deep water- and I couldn’t see!

There were lots of other adults and kids around, and suddenly I heard her yell at the top of her lungs, “Papa, are you watching me?”  The entire place cracked up, except for me.  I calmly walked over to where I could see, and I watched my granddaughter swim.

The lesson is over, my granddaughter is in bed, but I’m still thinking about her words: Watch me, Papa.  It reminds me that in my relationship with God, I’m the child, and He’s my Papa.  And He watches me.

In my relationship with God, I’m the child, and He’s my Papa.  And He watches me.

My Papa watches me as I live my life, and according to the Bible, He delights in me.  He sees me as I go about my day.  He sees me when I struggle, when I fall, and when I achieve.  Because He watches me, I’m never alone, and what I do is never insignificant.

My Papa also watches over me.  Like a sentinel or a protective parent, His arms are around me to guard me and keep me safe.  It reminds me of David’s words in Psalm 23:  “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because you are with me.”

Because my Papa watches over me, I can rest.  I can lay down at night, knowing that He will be awake when I sleep.  I can rest from the stress and the challenges of life, knowing that He is watching over my circumstances.  And when I don’t understand why things are like they are, I can rest, knowing that my Papa knows.

Before this week, my granddaughter was afraid to put her face in the water.  But tonight, as her Papa watched, she jumped into 10 feet of water and swam.  You have no idea how proud her Papa was.  And I suspect I have no idea how proud my Papa is of me.  That’s a really good feeling.

7 thoughts on “Watch me, Papa!”

  1. There are days when we wonder if God is watching us because He may just be watching the top of our heads like you could only see the top of your granddaughter’s head. In reality, God is watching all of us, our whole selves. He is never far from us and always has sight of the top of our heads. We must remember to keep Him in sight as well and never move far from Him. Thank you for this word.


  2. I don’t know how you do it but you always seem to know what I need to hear. God must say, George Linda needs to hear this today. Thank you so very much.


    1. Thank you, Linda! It’s a shame that when we become adults, we forget what it’s like to be cared for like we did when we were children. Doesn’t it feel good to allow God to take care of us like a Father cares for His children?


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